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If for some reason you need to join USNSA other than doing so online, simply click here or on the image to the left.  You will be presented a USNSA form that you can save to your own computer, print and complete.  IF YOU WISH TO PURCHASE ANY ITEMS LISTED ON OUR MEMBERSHIP FORM, PLEASE INCLUDE THE APPROPRIATE US POSTAL FLAT RATE SHIPPING FEE:

SMALL BOX :  $7.20            MEDIUM BOX:  $13.65              LARGE BOX:  $18.90


The primary purposes of Navy Sailing are: Promote fleet readiness, develop professionalism, development of a competitive spirit, and imparting a love of the sea and of a skill that may be used in recreational opportunities throughout a life time using small craft training programs. Navy Sailing also encourages and assist Commanding Officers in promoting boating and sailing as part of their training and recreational programs. These missions are carried out through individual members and branches established on or near military bases worldwide.